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Megan Moroney Reignites A Spark In Bold New Single "Lucky"

Megan Moroney has recently confirmed that her debut album Lucky is on the way, and its defining title track just premiered today. If you previously knew Meg for the less hard-hitting, more storyline-heavy tracks like “Hair Salon,” “Tennessee Orange,” and “I’m Not Pretty,” her new release will pleasantly surprise you. “Lucky” showcases her versatility in a playful, sultry, and addictive song.

Photo credit: David McClister

Rather than the confessional heart-to-heart of her previous singles, “Lucky” sees a more confident, adventurous Meg. Right from the opening line - “The weatherman said there’s a 100% chance I’m going out / And there’s a real good chance that I’m going to burn the whole town down” - she establishes that she means business.

Infusing rock-n-roll influences into the classic honky tonk sound, Meg drops a bold track that departs from her usual soft approach. An unapologetic anthem about living in the moment, it takes her signature conversational lyrics to an edgier context.

The release of “Lucky” isn’t the only thing this queen is celebrating this week! On Wednesday, she received her first-ever CMT Awards nominations. You can vote up to 10 times a day, so if you haven’t already done so on this fine Friday morning, we’re giving you your daily reminder.

We feel so “Lucky” that we can call ourselves day one fans of Meg. The rising star is making 2023 her year, quickly climbing the ranks towards becoming the next household name in country music. We’re so proud of her, and can’t wait to listen to the debut album in full.


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