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Megan Moroney Releases An “Anthem For The Girls” With “I’m Not Pretty”

On the heels of breakthrough success, thanks to "Tennessee Orange," Megan Moroney has released a relevant, resonant track about bullying and insecurities. Entitled "I'm Not Pretty," the singer hopes it will become an "anthem for the girls."

Image credit: Sony Music Nashville

“It’s a mostly true story (you can find the spring break throwback pic on my Instagram) but not meant to be taken too seriously,” Moroney shared in a press release. "I think everyone can relate to somebody keeping tabs on them on social media."

When the singer first teased this track on TikTok, many immediately connected to its impactful message. Countless women showed their own Instagram accounts using the song, sparking a much-needed discussion about self-confidence and online trolls.

Moroney's bold track simultaneously empowers us to recognize our worth and calls out bullies who tear others down out of jealously. In her biting lyrics, she makes a statement that many need to hear. In "I'm Not Pretty," the rising star continues to demonstrate her unmatched talent for vulnerable lyricism and heartfelt storytelling.

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