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Megan Moroney's "Tennessee Orange" Was Almost Not Recorded. See The Full Story

It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since Megan Moroney unleashed her smash hit "Tennessee Orange" upon the world. What began as a voice memo in her bedroom has since blossomed into a cultural phenomenon, touching the hearts of fans far and wide. To commemorate this milestone, Megan's fan account on TikTok, @Meganmoroneyupdates, put together a heartwarming video celebrating the song that changed Megan's life.

The video is a captivating compilation of interviews and stories shared by Megan, providing fans with a glimpse into the making of "Tennessee Orange" and its remarkable journey. In the first clip, Megan shares her initial hesitations about releasing the song. She confesses, "We almost didn't put it out... Is that going to water it [EP- Pistol Made of Roses] down by putting out a new single?" Her candidness about the creative process and her genuine reflection on timing and authenticity make her relatable and endearing.

The video also shows a voice memo that Megan shared of her singing the song in its early stages. This work tape, recorded in her bedroom, represents the humble beginnings of what would become a massive hit. The transition to seeing her perform it on stage and witnessing the crowd's response is truly touching.

The video continues with clips of Megan performing "Tennessee Orange" at various shows, award ceremonies, and stages. Each performance exudes energy and passion, showcasing Megan's undeniable talent and charisma. The final clip features Megan discussing the pivotal moment when she realized the song's immense impact. She recalls how, just two weeks after its release, people started singing it back to her. This feeling of the audience knowing every word was a transformative experience and a testament to the song's resonance.

Megan's own words, shared in interviews, highlight her genuine surprise at the song's success. She never expected "Tennessee Orange" to become the hit it did. Its origins, born from the simple act of trying on a Tennessee shirt, reveal how inspiration can strike at any moment. Even Megan's initial doubts about its reception remind us that great art often defies expectations.


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