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Megan Moroney Teases New Track And Says She Is Almost Done Writing Her Sophomore Album

The Georgia native is teasing another sad cowgirl song.

Credit: CeCe Dawson

Breakout songstress Megan Moroney continues to do what she does best, make us cry in our beer. Yesterday Dec 18th, Megan teased another new track that is painfully universal.

"Writes 4 songs in one day because i’m off the road & missed songwriting so much," Megan said alongside a teaser of a new song called "28th of June." Megan's songs always seem to sting, and this song is no exception.

“28th of June it was me and you

Rose petals on the bed and I love you

Written on a ‘Happy one year’ card,

Here’s to forever you have my heart

Drank a bottle of red and opened up another

Danced around the room holdin’ on to each other

Like we were never gonna let go

I was too naive to know

Just cuz something’s good don’t mean it lasts”

Megan's POV is always impressive and with her announcement that she is almost done writing her second record, we pray this song makes the cut!


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