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Megan Moroney Was In Fact Wearing Morgan Wallen’s Shirt In “Tennessee Orange”

Well we can finally put the rumors to rest! Megan Moroney finally confirmed what many fans have been wondering about.

She is, in fact, wearing Morgan Wallen’s shirt in the cover photo for the promo for her single “Tennessee Orange.”

After she announced her first headlining tour yesterday, she stopped by The Highway to chat, where the hosts pressed her on who the shirt might actually belong to.

Rumors were swirling that it could be Conner Smith’s shirt, who released a song called “Orange And White” about the Vols the week before she put out “Tennessee Orange,” but after Morgan (who is a huge Vols fan) started commenting on her posts and the two went back and forth about it in a pretty flirtatious way, people started to really wonder if the two might be an item.

Here’s the cover shot:

She ruled out Conner Smith during the interview, and when pressed by the hosts, admitted it was Morgan’s shirt, adding “but it’s just a shirt,” for whatever that’s worth:

“When I put a Tennessee shirt on it just felt wrong. And I knew if it felt that wrong, then it would probably either be a funny story or a good song to write about.

So I came up with the hook ‘In Georgia they call it a sin, I’m waring Tennessee Orange’ for him, and brought it in and we wrote it.

It is his shirt. But it’s just a shirt.”

She of course played it pretty coy, as you can see in the above interview, so who knows if they’re actually an official item or not, but there ya have it.

Morgan himself sorta admitted it at a show earlier this year when a fan asked him, but this seems to be the first confirmation from Megan herself.

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