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Meghan Patrick Teams Up With Her Fiancé for Wedding Version Of "My Left Hand"

Almost five months after the original release of "My Left Hand," singer Meghan Patrick has now released an updated version which newlywed couples can slow dance to. Adorably, the rising singer/songwriter has included her fiancé, Mitchell Tenpenny, on the track.

“I’ve loved seeing the videos people post of their own engagements using the song, and even some weddings," Patrick explained. "With my own wedding coming so soon, we [Patrick and Tenpenny] decided we wanted to give everyone a ‘wedding version’ and really strip it down to just piano and some strings." We're obsessed with the dreamy and sentimental result.

The couple's voices blend impeccably, leaving us in happy tears and in awe of the song's flawless harmonies. The acoustic nature of this new rendition of "My Left Hand" exemplifies the saying "less is more" - it helps Patrick's powerhouse vocals and the couple's heartfelt love for one another to shine through. What a touching way for Patrick and Tenpenny to pay tribute to their upcoming wedding! We hope they use this masterpiece as their first dance song.

"My Left Hand" differs from most of Patrick's discography, as the singer usually leans towards more edgy, heavily produced material. Patrick's previous releases include the gritty "Cool About It" and "Wild As Me" - "My Left Hand" shows a more personal, emotional aspect of her. Through music, the Canada-born country star shares multiple sides of her personality with us, and tackles several styles with ease.

Patrick and Tenpenny will tie the knot later this October. Until then, fans can look forwards to some previews and new music! We're so excited and grateful that Patrick and Tenpenny are sharing their special day with us in such amazing ways.

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