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Micah Fletcher Stuns In Swoon-Worthy "The Look In Your Eyes" Music Video

Y'all better watch out for Micah Fletcher! Today, this 18-year-old prodigy has made his bold debut with "The Look In Your Eyes." The TikTok-viral sensation is continuing to evolve his sound and artistic identify, preparing himself to be a defining force on country radio.

His upbringing in a Virginian small town influences his grounded perspective and appreciation for the little things in life, both of which shine through in his lyricism.

If you like Bailey Zimmerman, Morgan Wallen, Conner Smith, or literally any 90s country artist, definitely give him a listen.

To say that "The Look In Your Eyes" has us mesemerized is an understatement. Accompanied by a rustic and joyful visualizer, the single is a breath of fresh air. "It's the look in your eyes, when you look back in mine / It's like I saw the light for the very first time," croons Fletcher against captivating guitar instrumentals.

In this song, Micah Fletcher puts his own twist on the subgenre of country slow-dance songs. Equal parts modern and traditional, this love ballad is what every girl dreams their romantic partner will sing to them at some point. Soulfully delivering detailed, heartfelt stories through music, Micah quickly cements his place among country music's current class of rising stars.


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