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Miranda Lambert's Y’ALL EAT YET? Is Now A New York Times Best Seller

Miranda Lambert is many things: songwriter, dog lover, wife, daughter, superstar, friend, restauranteur, business woman, and Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year. Now she can add New York Times Best Selling author to the list as Y’ALL EAT YET? Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen lands at No. 3 on the paper’s wildly eclectic How To, Advice & Miscellaneous Books list.

“OMG y’all! I just got a call from my publishers that Y’ALL EAT YET? Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen is No. 3 on the New York Times Best Selling list,” Lambert shared excitedly with fans. “I can’t actually believe that. I’m so grateful and just - I can’t believe it. It’s for my Nonny in Heaven. She’s partying tonight; I know it. And I’m just beside myself that people would want to hear our stories and join our sisterhood. This is crazy. So, thanks to everybody who bought it and who is reading it. I love y’all - welcome to the tribe!”

Written with veteran music critic Holly Gleason, Y’ALL EAT YET? merges memoir with a cookbook to celebrate multi-generational female friendship and the way those relationships empower people, especially women, to savor the good times, survive the struggle and laugh when the going gets tough. Tracing her journey from childhood to superstardom, Lambert marks the moments with recipes that include Whiskey Cupcakes, French Toast Casserole, Heidi’s Spiced Hot Crackers, Bev’s Chicken Salad, Nonny’s Banana Pudding and “the one thing that’ll get the ring” The Loaf.

“I think everybody’s life is marked by those delicious flavors of what you ate during special times,” Lambert explains. “The memories, the stories and the things you eat kind of mingle together, or maybe the meals and the snacks are the things that you can go back to that make the memories come back to life.

“I just know: there’s an awful lot of love in Neicy’s gumbo, Vicki’s deviled eggs, my Dad’s green beans, Nonny’s tuna salad. You take a bite, and it all comes rushing back. In a world that moves so fast, where we’re often just trying to keep up with ourselves, the power of sitting down to something made by hand – often while you’re sitting around a table of people you love – is a superpower we forget.

“So, I wanted to make it easy. Put that superpower in reach of all the bad ass girls and young women, guys on their own and people thinking they can’t. Because I promise: if I can, you can. If you can’t, you know someone who can. And there are all kinds of stories of parties, Airstreams and cocktails, too!”

Y’ALL EAT YET: Welcome to The Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen is available at retailers and stores across the country including Walmart, Target, Buc-ee’s, Cracker Barrel, Kroger and Whole Foods, Nashville’s Parnassus Books, plus online HERE.


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