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Missed Morgan Wallen's Free Nashville Show? Relive The Album Release HERE!

Picture this, Morgan Wallen one of the world's biggest names in music sends fans into a complete frenzy last Thursday. Why? The multi-platinum selling artist announced that he would be playing a FREE show in honor of his new mega album "One Thing At A Time."

Photo: Summer Weaver

Fans went wild and lines wrapped around the famed Bridgestone Arena for a chance at tickets! Fans were limited to two tickets a person, and they did it by heading straight to the box office like the good ol’ days:

“I’m gonna do acoustic… everyone’s asking me why I’m not doing a Tennessee show. I’m doing one now,” Morgan told fans via social media.

The line quickly grew and tickets to the 20k cap arena sold out in a impressive 3 hours.

Morgan, a record breaker keeps it going with a record-setting 19,292 people in attendance at Bridgestone Arena, Wallen put on a full hour and a half long show, where he played 13 of his new songs from One Thing At A Time, like “Born With A Beer In My Hand “Everything I Love,” “Keith Whitley,” and fan favorite 'Last Night."

Perhaps the most touching part of the night was Wallen's dedication to his son Indie before his song "Dying Man,"

“In ‘Dying Man,’ I’m singing to a woman. In real life, this song is dedicated to my son. He has changed everything for me and has been a real blessing.

He’s here tonight, so I’m sending this song out to him.”

Wallen also played a number of his past hits, including “Sand In My Boots,” “Chasing You,” “More Than My Hometown,” “The Way I Talk,” “Whiskey Glasses,” and “Wasted On You.”

If you missed out on tickets, or just want to relive your night, click below to watch!

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