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Morgan Wade Quickly Sells Out Shows, Upgrades Venues in First Day of First Headlining Tour’s Onsale

By Joel Heiman

Morgan Wallen isn’t the only Morgan in town that’s selling out shows left and right.

Morgan Wade is not afraid of the big stage. This year alone, she played in three ginormous football stadiums in Denver, Seattle, and Atlanta on the Luke Combs tour. 50,000+ country music fans were in attendance at those shows, and the reviews have come in, she’s the real deal. Well for 2023, Morgan is showing no signs of slowing down, literally.

It’s been well documented that Morgan just announced the “No Signs of Slowing Down” headlining tour, a 38-city tour spanning all across the country. But the news hot off the press this week is that on the first day the tour was on sale, Morgan sold out 15 shows, including legendary venues such as The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and The Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta. With that, came Morgan announcing 7 new shows as second dates, including at these aforementioned venues. And that’s not all. Morgan’s next move was fairly unprecedented for a tour such as this, as she then upgraded venues in 7 more cities that very same day. This includes going from The Sinclair to The Royale, in Boston, and still selling that one out! Looks like Morgan doesn’t need to be an opener to be a part of the bigger stage after all.

In her latest Instagram post, it was shared that Morgan is taking a break from social media, and wants to start normalizing and prioritizing mental health.

“Morgan is taking a little break from socials, but wanted us to pop in to shine some light on something that matters an awful lot to her, and to us. Let’s normalize conversations about mental health (yes, even in the South… even in country music)”.

Many people in the comments are supporting her journey, and her journey is just getting started. Per Morgan’s website, even more venues have sold out Morgan’s show in the days following the crazy first day of onsale, including Joe’s Live in Rosemont, IL. This may be something we need to start getting used to when Morgan goes on tour.

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