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Morgan Wallen And "You Proof" Are BACK On Top!

Morgan Wallen has had quite the year! Breaking records left and right, it is only fitting that he is ending the year with one more!

John Shearer Photography

“You Proof” by is the #1 song on Billboard Country Airplay for a 6th week (non-consecutive). Reclaims number one, three weeks after falling from the top. “You Proof” received ~9,184 spins (+78) and ~42.05 million audience impressions during the October 23-29 tracking period. According to Media Base's numbers

Earlier this year, Wallen threw fans into a frenzy with the action packed "You Proof" music video. Which has a whopping 16 million views in its first two months.

The CMA nominee left fans hanging for over a year. He first teased the song back in 2021 on TikTok.

Wallen has also been teased to be featured on fellow country artists and friend's HARDY and ERNEST's albums due out in 2023!

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