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Morgan Wallen Debuts New Look & The Comments Have Us Rolling

Morgan Wallen's latest look has garnered over 10 thousand comments.

Besides his hit songs, Morgan Wallen has always been known for his signature mullet. Earlier this year, Morgan nearly broke the internet when back in August while playin at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, Wallen took the stage in his signature style, but missing his mullet!

Fans were clearly shocked and Morgan soon addressed the elephant in the room."“Before we get any further, I didn’t like my long hair anymore so I shaved it off,” Wallen chuckled to his sold out crowd.

Well it has been a few months and fans have been debating if Morgan would ever take the hat off. Yesterday August 20th the hat finally came off when Morgan took to Instagram to debut the new look with a simple "good morning," alongside the picture.

Fans and fellow country stars were quick to way in. Friend and collaborator ERNEST made us laugh with his “Fresh outta tasers” comment. While tour mate Bailey Zimmerman commented "Big top gun vibes." HARDY was also a fan of the look saying "Talk to me Goose." Fans were also quick to say he looks like Kansas City golden boy Travis Kelce.

Other favorites include

I feel like you’re about to ask for my license and registration

No more music. Morgan sells insurance now

Hope the audition for Reno 911 went well brother!

Needless to say we are jazzed about the new look.


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