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Morgan Wallen Takes Artistic Risks In Newest Triple Release Preceding "One Thing At A Time"

We can officially declare that country music’s reigning king, Morgan Wallen, does not sleep. Late last year, the superstar sold out his One Night At A Time tour and triple-released “Tennessee Fan,” “One Thing At A Time,” and “Days That End In Why” to immense critical acclaim.

Morgan Wallen. Photo: David Lehr

This week, after much teasing on social media (which included snippets that we’re dying to hear the full versions of), Wallen officially announced his third studio album. Titled One Thing At A Time, the record will contain 36 songs, three more of which dropped Tuesday itself. These new tracks are called “Last Night,” “Everything I Love,” and “I Wrote The Book,” and we can’t get enough.

“Last Night” leans more into mainstream pop production than much of Wallen’s previous work, which disappointed some listeners - however, we’re all about singers who keep a diverse set of influences and try new artistic approaches with every project. Many fans were taken aback by one particularly seductive lyric: “Last bottle of Jack we split a fifth/ Make you grip the sheets with your fingertips.” The edgy track features a couple who knows they’re no good for each other, especially given the numerous drunk conflicts, but can’t help the fact that they always come back to each other.

Perhaps our favorite of the three new tracks, “Everything I Love” echoes the techniques of some fan-favorites and radio hits from Dangerous, the singer’s career-defining 2021 double album. Like “Sand In My Boots” and “This Side Of A Dust Cloud,” the song covers a devastating breakup in a small town. “And can’t you see what you’re doing, girl? You ruined damn near everything I love,” proclaims Wallen in an especially poignant line.

Last but not least, “I Wrote The Book” is by far the most introspective song in Wallen’s entire discography - yes, even more so than “Don’t Think Jesus.” The star acknowledges mistakes from his past that he’s not proud of, and admits that many of them stemmed from losing his connection with God. The detailed, vulnerable songwriting represents his true character, and resonates with many listeners who are also trying to improve their ways.

If the songs we’ve heard so far are any indication, One Thing At A Time is easily set to be one of 2023’s best album releases. Knowing Wallen, a whopping 36-song project will likely serve as a musical autobiography. We’re truly not ready for the thematically and sonically diverse set of masterpieces we’re about to hear next month.

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