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All Country News Friday Find: Nathan Wilson Sings Of True Love In Wholesome "Meant For You"

It's often said that when you find "the one," you intuitively know. In his newest single, "Meant For You," rising star Nate Smith covers this subject, proclaiming that he and his significant other were just destined to be together. With the help of collaborator Liam Coleman, Wilson captures the notion of someone completing him on "Meant For You." The sweet, heartwarming track serves as one of this Friday's more cheerful new releases.

The Kentucky native is one of Nashville's most promising newcomers. He first built a fanbase on the country music side of TikTok, where he is inching closer to 20K followers by the day. Wilson just made the move to Music City this February, but he's already enjoying immense success and exponentially growing his outreach. An avid hunter and fisher, he contributes the typical Southern perspective to country music. The independent singer's release of "Meant For You" follows the success of "Better For You," a track which recently accumulated one million streams. Most recently, the breakout artist performed in the Sincerely Music Group & Friends concert, held at Nashville's historic Skydeck.

The cute track showcases all of Wilson's strengths - an irresistible drawl, sentimental lyrics, a charming melody, and flawless guitar instrumentals. The 21-year-old breakout artist has provided fans with a cute and expertly crafted tune to dedicate to their significant others. It's impossible not to smile upon listening.

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