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Noah Hicks Captures The Best Of Warmer Days In "Red Clay Summer"

Country riser Noah Hicks tells his story through song in a way that’s strangely familiar and universally relatable, and his latest single is so exception.

Raised in a musically inclined family with strong influence from his father’s side, Noah was naturally drawn to the genre. Keeping true to those homegrown values Red Clay Summer emanates the feel of his Carrollton, GA upbringing.

The high octane summer anthem full of bright guitar and a country beat. The Georgia native narrates all the things that make summer in the country quintessentially southern. From summer bonfires, summer loves and a good tunes bumpin' through the speakers, Noah manages to capture the essence of the season in just over three minutes.

It was button down fenders and Jack mindbenders

And bonfire embers, speakers bumping like thunder

Fresh tanline in her cut just right and her eyes outshining the stars we were under

Citgo sixer, Sonic ice mixer, Barney showing up was always a bummer

Twist off the top, party didn't stop, we drank every drop of that red clay summer

Known for his high energy live performances, the Georgia native will be joining Justin Moore and Priscilla Block in October. Plus you can check out his headlining dates HERE.


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