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Nothing Is Stopping Texas Country Singer Grant Gilbert

One thing country music is known for is love songs. Ones that can tear you down, lift you up or in the case of Grant Gilbert's new single find joy in finding someone new. We all know that feeling, the excitement when we meet someone new.

Texas native Grant Gilbert captures the emotion behind meeting someone new in his latest single "What's Stopping Us." We sat down with Grant to chat about the new tune.

"I wrote the song with my good buddies Jordan Walker and Eric Dylan. We didn't really have an idea that day. We were just wanted to write something that felt good. Jordan through out the idea and we just went with it. We loved the idea of writing a story about getting to know someone new and seeing where it goes. You never know when you may meet someone new, we wanted to capture that. I think its a great love song for going into fall."

Gilbert's voice soars in this modern day love song. We asked Grant if he had a favorite part. "Probably the bridge. It is so much fun to sing live, people really get excited when I sing it live."

"I’m just saying what’s on my mind and it might sound crazy You ain’t gotta say yes or no, girl, tonight I’m alright with a maybe"

Between the Texas grit of Grant's voice, the hopeful lyrics and the heavy guitar. "What's Stopping Us" if the perfect song to fall in love too!

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