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Old Dominion Announces 18 Track Memory Lane Album Due Out Oct 6th & Features Blake Shelton Collab

Mark your calendars because we are getting some new tracks from country music super band Old Dominion!

The five-man band – lead singer/guitarist Matthew Ramsey, lead guitarist/vocalist Brad Tursi, keyboardist/guitarist/accordion man Trevor Rosen and the adventurously multi-rhythmic section of bassist Geoff Sprung and drummer Whit Sellers – has never faltered, never forgotten the positive vibrations and power of chemistry to build a connection with people.

Continuing that tradition of connecting with fans, today the band announced that they are ready to announce the full-length Memory Lane. Slated for an October 6th release, the 18-song project builds on what the EP contained – and fans have been hearing all summer – with more of the joy of living even in complicated times, but also a deeper, more reflective group of songs.

“We always knew this was going to be a full album,” says Matthew Ramsey, in an social media post. “But we wanted to give our fans the opportunity to absorb it completely. Over the years, we’ve developed a conversation with fans, bad days, big moments, I’d like to think our songs make both better. We wanted to make an album that takes our songs and looks a little deeper into what happens between two people. Just because it’s deep, though, it doesn’t mean the music can’t feel good.”

Another surprise is Blake Shelton, a vocal fan of the band with Virginia roots, on a special redux of the feel-good-in-the-face-of-whatever-life-hands-you “Ain’t Got A Worry.” With their signature wave of harmonies, percolating groove and a conversational tone, the match-up takes the EP’s rendition and makes it a friend-to-friend celebration of getting out of your own way and feeling the moment.

“When Blake started talking about us,” Ramsey explained in a press release, “it was a little surreal. But it was also cool. Trevor had co-written ‘Sangria,’ which was a big hit for him, so it wasn’t completely crazy to ask him to join us on a track. We sent some songs over, and he picked ‘Ain’t Got A Worry.’

The band also confirmed that after breadcrumming fans, they will be teaming up with breakout songstress Megan Moroney for Can’t Break Up Now, due out this Friday August 18th.

“I didn’t write this song but when it was sent over, I thought the lyrics told a story that we all can relate to. The melody was infectious and it’s not like anything I’ve ever put out and I’ve been a fan of Old Dominion for a while & I’m really excited to be featured on this," Megan reflected.

One of American music’s most bankable groups, Old Dominion builds on “Written In The Sand,” “Make It Sweet,” “Song for Another Time,” “Break Up With Him,” “Hotel Key” and “I Was On A Boat That Day” with another collection that’s built to keep the joy high, the living easy and the ear worms happy.


Full Track Listing

“Stay Drunk”

“A Million Things”

“Memory Lane”

“Different About You”

“Can’t Break Up Now" with Megan Moroney

“I Should Have Married You”

“Both Sides of the Bed”

“How Good Is That”

“Some Horses”

“Easy To Miss”

“Sleep Without Drinking”

“Beautiful Sky”

“Love Drunk and Happy”

“Aint Got A Worry”

“Easier Said With Rum”

“Hot Again”

“Freedom Like You”

“Ain’t Got A Worry” with Blake Shelton


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