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Old Dominion Has A Bunch Of New Music In The Works

Recently, Old Dominion's latest studio album, Time, Tequila, & Therapy, celebrated its first anniversary, and the band embarked on their Make It Sweet tour last year. Prior to what is sure to be a busy 2023 for them, they are giving fans a glimpse of some projects in the works. Ahead of a November performance in Hollywood, FL, as well as a Stagecoach performance next year, they're already written and recorded some new music - wow, does Old Dominion even get any sleep?

Longtime country music fans know and love Old Dominion - the band has earned a total of five ACM awards and three CMA awards, among several other accolades. They've sang some of country music's biggest and most iconic hits, including the nostalgic "Song For Another Time," the fun "Snapback," and the wholesome "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart," just to name a few.

Of the unreleased tracks, the teaser for "How Good Is That" came first. This anthem celebrates a minimalistic lifestyle, and its visuals showcase the band's friendly dynamic that fans adore. This one is sure to be a hit, possibly even a mainstream crossover like Old Dominion's previous hit "One Man Band."

Next came the beautiful "Memory Lane," featuring impeccable lyrics like "Thinkin' bout those sunsets that bled into jean jacket nights / those tangled up mornings lost in paradise." We're already hooked.

And then, we got the teaser for "I Should Have Married You," complete with the vehicle test that all the young musicians on TikTok are doing these days. Except, instead of a classic car, Old Dominion opted to do theirs in a boat. We love it.

We absolutely can't wait to hear full-length studio versions of everything Old Dominion has been preparing. Hopefully, they include some of these new songs in their upcoming live performances! Old Dominion is a band who equally loves to work hard and have fun, and it shows not just in their music but also in their behind-the-scenes clips. As much as we love Time, Tequila, & Therapy, we're so pumped for this new Old Dominion era.

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