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Old Dominion Offers Up In Introspective Look At Love In Latest Album "Memory Lane"

Known for their bright, melodies and hypnotizing harmony‘s Old Dominion once again, one ups their game. Through story and sound Old Dominion flexes their innate ability to find acute moments of every day life and make them extraordinary. Honing in on the universal stories that connect us all Memory Lane serves as one of the most dynamic albums of the year.

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The 18-song juggernaut builds on what the previously released EP, diving deeper into the joy of living even in complicated times with a more reflective group of songs. Memory Lane is truly an ear worm of an album that you won’t be able to walk away from.

Setting the tone for the album. Stay Drunk, serves as a punchy reminder that guys of Old Dominion will always be some of the best songwriters in town. Honing in on acute memory from a lover’s journey, Matt and the gang relish in all of the finite memories that seem to still wander around in their minds. From long legs in a backseat to tattoos, seemingly etched on a heart. Stay Drunk brings them in and makes them want to stay for the whole album.

“We always knew this was going to be a full album,” says Matthew Ramsey in a press statement, “But we wanted to give our fans the opportunity to absorb it completely. Over the years, we’ve developed a conversation with fans, bad days, big moments, I’d like to think our songs make both better. We wanted to make an album that takes our songs and looks a little deeper into what happens between two people. Just because it’s deep, though, it doesn’t mean the music can’t feel good.”

Offering up a new look at the strains of heartache, Both Sides Of The Bed offers up a fresh look on a traditional breakup song. With bright instrumentation, the song narrates a grief-stricken lover grappling with the fact that his ego got in the way, and that his bed is a little bit colder. "Me and my freedom tucked in real tight," Matthew’s iconic tenor sings. Feverishly clever, the guys of Old Dominion offer up a new perspective full of vivid storytelling.

Feverishly dynamic, Some Horses speaks to the vagabond lover. Always moving and afraid to settle down, Matt and the gang perfectly personify the emotion of never feeling satisfied in love to an unbroken horse ready to run free. Tussling with the pull of the open road in the pole of a tender heart. With lines like "you were holding me knowing I couldn't be broken," the tender track paints a picture of a love story that's tight grip on the reigns finally gave.

I race and I run, I keep chasin' the sun

When I'm done, you see nothin' but dust

I'm restless and rare with the wind in my hair

Going somewhere that I never was

You were holdin' me knowin' I couldn't be broken

And now you're just holdin' the reins

I'll love you forever, you should have known better

Some horses can never be tamed

It would not be an Old Dominion project without a carefree island vibe track. The feel-good-in-the-face-of-whatever-life-hands-you Ain’t Got A Worry showcases the band's warm harmonies. The percolating bass line and steady drums paint the picture of a happy go lucky moment in time with friends. Speaking of friends, Blake Shelton lends his smooth tenor to the good time track.

“When Blake started talking about us,” Ramsey explains, “it was a little surreal. But it was also cool. Trevor had co-written ‘Sangria,’ which was a big hit for him, so it wasn’t completely crazy to ask him to join us on a track. We sent some songs over, and he picked ‘Ain’t Got A Worry.’ “Funny thing is: if we’d really looked at the songs, of course, he did. That’s exactly how Blake lives."

From the two engaging duets to exploring heartache, hopefulness, and heat between two people, each song on Memory Lane offers up a story for everyone. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just a good damn time, Old Dominion once again solidifies their place is country music greats.


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