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Oliver Anthony Touches On Why He Thinks His Viral Song Spoke To So Many On Joe Rogan Podcast

Oliver Anthony fever is sweeping the nation.

Via Oliver Anthony's Instagram

It viral success of his passionate tune Rich Men North Of Richmond has sparked some much needed conversation in our country. The Farmville, Virginia resident went from zero to American spokesperson seemingly overnight nearly a month ago. Not only did it question political barriers it broke crazy Billboard records. It was the first song to ever debut at number oneon the Billboard Hot 100 by an artist who never previously charted, not to mention the over 20 million streams on Spotify alone!

Fans speculated that Anthony may be a guest on the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience after Joe commented on the track on a past episode. Well today rumors were put to rest as Oliver took to social media to reveal he in fact he was a guest, and damn is the episode good.

While the two joked about his overnight success and how people from both sides of the aisle are fighting over the tune. “It’s really funny to watch on my end, because obviously, I know what’s true and what’s not,” Oliver laughs. “There’s there’s been hundreds of hours of people’s time wasted probably talking about all these little like things that don’t even exist. Somebody made them up, put them on the Internet. So, I’m just letting it ride. I just think it’s great. At least the last couple of weeks, I think I’ve been able to entertain everyone and get everyone’s mind off like all the all the other horrible stuff that’s going on in the world right now. Like, at least everybody can have a good laugh.”

All jokes aside it was heartwarming to learn a little more about Oliver (whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford). He was raised in the secluded of Farmville, Virginia in the Piedmont, and touched on the problems he faced growing up and why he thinks the song connected to so many.

"My grandfather grew up in the western part of Virginia in the mountains, but I’m from Farmville, which is technically Piedmont. But even throughout rural Virginia, poverty is a big issue and drugs are a big issue, and it’s not just even in the rural areas.

You go into downtown Richmond, or any downtown anywhere for that matter… yeah, these problems exist everywhere now. Obviously they are, that’s why the song resonated the way it did.”

Both Joe and Oliver agreed that people are just tired of being fucked with, to that Oliver said something extremely profound. I’m certainly no professional historian, but my understanding is that the federal government was never intended to be the size that it is today. We’re very top heavy in the way we’re structured, you know? Our federal government is enormous and out of control and almost impossible to manage."

It was nice to hear Oliver in a longer form interview and to truly hear the inspiration from the guys own POV and not from mouths of haters. Hopefully people can realize that Oliver is just a normal awesome guy with a great story to tell.

Watch the interview below


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