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Our 33 Favorite Taylor Swift Songs For Her 33rd Birthday!

One of the greatest musicians of all time just turned 33! Since her debut as a country starlet in 2006, Taylor Swift has shaped the music industry in innumerable ways. Now a global superstar who can easily sell out stadiums, Swift has left her mark in country, pop, and alternative music. Her entire discography contains several groundbreaking masterpieces - but here's our 33 favorite tracks from her country catalogue, one for each year! Happy birthday, Taylor!

33. "Mean"

One of the most biting songs on Speak Now, the track leans into traditional banjos and guitars against a clear, assertive message. "Mean" is a descriptive and authentic musical middle finger to all of Swift's haters.

32. "Better Man"

Swift originally penned this emotional and reflective track for Red, before giving it to Little Big Town in 2017. However, we got to hear Swift's vocals on it with the release of Red (Taylor's Version) four years later. Swift's delivery of "Better Man" communicates the rollercoaster of disappointment, sadness, and resolve in her personal story.

31. "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"

This banger showcases a teenage Swift's driven yet carefree nature in one of her first ever love songs. Anyone who's experienced the thrill of an intense crush can relate. Incorporating a generous amount of fiddles and twang, it establishes the pure country approach of her debut album.

30. "The Very First Night"

Another Red (Taylor's Version) vault track, this upbeat and vivid track mixes mainstream pop with soft country elements. Though not featured on the album's initial 2012 version, its stylistic choices mark Swift's transition into a multi-genre sensation.

29. "Don't You"

Enhanced by somber production and hushed backing vocals, "Don't You" captures the sad aftermath of a relationship that neither lover can seem to let go of. An underrated gem from Fearless (Taylor's Version), it represents Swift's unmatched talent in emotionally fueled songwriting.

28. "Message In A Bottle"

An irresistible and upbeat song about a growing attraction to someone following a relationship with them, "Message In A Bottle" stands out among the Red (Taylor's Version) vault tracks. It seems to continue the story of "Come Back... Be Here" from a more hopeful point of view.

27. "Starlight"

This track captures the thrill of being young, reckless, and in love. The 1940s upper-class backdrop adds another layer of magic to it.

26. "Holy Ground"

The angst-infused song portrays a love that quickly burgeoned before falling apart. The charged bridge, as well as the iconic "blue eyed" in the backing vocals, emphasize its longing nature.

25. "Everything Has Changed"

As of today, Swift's catalogue contains four Ed Sheeran collaborations. The back-and-forth aspects of this song, coupled with its progressive buildup, render it our favorite out of them. Plus, the acoustic guitar instrumentals highlight the song's emotions.

24. "Fearless"

The title and opening track of Swift's sophomore album, it establishes the record's theme of taking risks and living in the moment. It describes the thrill of love at first sight, containing memorable imagery of dancing in the rain.

23. "Ours"

This beautiful, steady ballad covers a love that no criticism or obstacle could waver. It's the type of connection that some people hope to share with a significant other. However, the song's description of love also perfectly fits the irreplaceable bond between Swift and her loyal fans.

22. "Mary's Song"

This sweet and yearning track is a standout ballad on Swift's debut album. Again filled with charming twang, as well as captivating storytelling, it never fails to lift our spirits and make us smile.

21. "Sparks Fly"

"Sparks Fly" is a banger that radiates happiness and excitement. With a memorable hook and magical country-pop instrumentals, the track has to be one of Swift's best singles. Swift again shows her strength for writing vivid lyrics about attraction and lust.

20. "Stay Beautiful"

With "Stay Beautiful," a young Swift reminds us that we're perfect the way we are. Contrary to what anyone else may try to tell us, we don't need to change. This comforting masterpiece uses expert metaphors to convey its message. Gentle country instrumentals complement Swift's smooth vocals.

19. "Speak Now"

The title track of Swift's third studio album takes the perspective of someone who's about to interrupt a wedding, informing the groom of the mistake he's about to make. Due to its alluring characterization and imagery, this song contains some of Swift's best storytelling.

18. "State Of Grace"

The charged opener to Swift's final country album begins to mark her transition into pop - it equally incorporates pulsating drumlines and twangy guitar. Lyrically, it sets the scene for the underlying theme of Red: "Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right." Deliberate, well-executed dynamics, a steady buildup, and expertly layered vocals set this track apart.

17. "Forever Winter"

This Red (Taylor's Version) vault track promotes mental health awareness, conveying Swift's message to a friend she lost to suicide. Since its release last year, it has comforted many fans with similar struggles. The track's metaphors, especially those juxtaposing summer and winter, bring Swift's story to another level. A wave of desperation in the song's bridge and outro, as she pleads her friend to stay here, tugs at the listener's heartstrings.

16. "I Almost Do"

This painfully relatable ballad captures Swift's thought processes as she struggles to move on from a toxic ex. Aided by a simple acoustic guitar track, and of course her raw and confessional songwriting, Swift immerses listeners into an emotional journey.

15. "Mine"

Like the rest of Speak Now, which consists entirely of Swift's solo-writes, "Mine" utilizes raw storytelling, descriptive imagery, and conversational qualities to provide an intimate listening experience. Swift sings of opening her previously reserved heart, and finding true love.

14. "Teardrops On My Guitar"

One of Swift's earliest hits, this track tells the painfully familiar story of an unrequited high school crush. With a memorable hook and guitar instrumentals to match, this has to be our favorite song from her debut era. It's also one of the first radio hits to showcase Swift's phenomenal belt.

13. "The Lucky One"

In the iconic 13th spot is an extremely relevant track about the cost of fame. While echoing the story of Marilyn Monroe, it undoubtedly contains autobiographical elements as well. Swift's matured perspective on the 2021 re-recorded track, after experiencing the song's themes in new ways, shines through.

12. "Mr. Perfectly Fine"

Swift took the world by storm as she released this vengeful post-breakup track, two days before Fearless (Taylor's Version) dropped. Can you believe that she's kept this one in her back pocket since 2008?

11. "Sweeter Than Fiction"

Though not included on any of Swift's studio albums, "Sweeter Than Fiction" is featured on the One Chance soundtrack. A sentimental and encouraging pick-me-up, this underrated bop reminds us of the light at the end of the tunnel.

10. "Haunted"

Opening and closing with a bang, the songwriting in "Haunted" reflects anger, fear, pleading, and regret. It captures the tumultuous end of a relationship that the narrator anticipated, but wishfully tried convince themselves that it wouldn't come.

9. "If This Was A Movie"

A beautiful acoustic track on the deluxe version of Speak Now, "If This Was A Movie" captures increasingly intense pleading and sadness following a breakup.

8. "The Story Of Us"

Given the lyrical parallels, "The Story Of Us" seems to tell the sad and bitter aftermath of the whirlwind relationship of "Sparks Fly." The upbeat banger portrays a rollercoaster of emotions, adding another layer of intensity through the isolated drum beats in the final chorus.

7. "Innocent"

As of Tuesday, Swift is no longer 32, but she is still growing up now. The song's original purpose was to forgive Kanye West for his infamous interruption of her VMAs speech, but since then, it has taken on several new meanings. One thing's for sure- whenever it drops, "Innocent" (Taylor's Version) will be a cultural reset.

6. "Forever And Always"

This track will "Forever And Always" hit hard, especially for the heartbroken and frustrated. Satisfying to scream and headbang along to, it features a catchy melody and increasingly intense production, while still embracing an authentic country sound.

5. "Enchanted"

It's easy to see why this track's haunting outro, "Please don't be in love with someone else / Please don't have somebody waiting on you," gained traction on TikTok. The lyrical and instrumental buildup further bring this song to life, as Swift describes the intense onset of lust for someone.

4. "Dear John"

Swift wears her heart on her sleeve in this tell-all track, using poignant imagery to detail the aftermath of her relationship with John Mayer. It has immensely helped several victims of emotional manipulation, especially from older men, process their experiences.

3. "Long Live"

Swift has dedicated this sentimental song to her fans, thanking them for her unwavering support throughout her career. The piano version she performed during her Reputation Tour holds a special place in fans' hearts. Especially for longtime Swifties, it's hard not to tear up while listening.

2. "Last Kiss"

This wistful track shows why Swift is the greatest of all time. Aided by layered vocal dynamics, a structured buildup in production, and one of the best bridges ever written, "Last Kiss" is a true gem.

1. "All Too Well" (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)

Attention everyone, please rise for our national anthem. Swift releasing the full-length version of her fan favorite hit, along with its cinematic masterpiece of a music video, has already served as a defining moment of the 2020s. This song features some of Swift's most heartfelt, most gut-wrenching penning and truly unmatched vocals.

Perhaps these 33 tracks best represent Swift's diverse and outstanding talent in country music, but let's be honest - every song of hers is a masterpiece. We feel so lucky to have witnessed her transformation from a young starlet to a globally known legend. We hope that the queen had an amazing birthday! LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!

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