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Our Favorite Fan Reactions To Lainey Wilson's Dump Truck, Including Its Own Instagram Page

February 6th 2023

Lainey Wilson's raw songwriting, unapologetically bold personality, and effortless vocal delivery caused her well-deserved rise to fame. We're so happy that she continues to gain more recognition through her critically acclaimed sophomore album, Bell Bottom Country. However, there's something else about the star that her fans just can't stop talking about.

"I can't even scroll on TikTok, on my For You page, without seeing my fat butt on everything," the star has shared. She continued, "Whatever brings the people in!" before pointing out what an amazing coincidence is was that her recently released project is called Bell Bottom Country. (Get it? Bottom?)

An Insta page dedicated to Lainey's "dump truck"

While we all share an obsession with Lainey's bell bottom, some fans with lots of time on their hands just go the extra mile. This user created an entire Instagram account for Lainey's "dump truck."

"I'd love to be her drummer"

With fans begging Lainey to turn around more on stage, so they can get the best view of her "dump truck," some have discovered a new dream job. Though we do hope they realize they would need to stay on beat... yeah.

Anyways, fans seem to love this particular pair of cheetah-print bell bottoms! We do too!

Lainey's New Year's Resolution

The queen simply has no time for haters! No explanation is needed for this amazing New Year's resolution.

While this was an unexpected way for Lainey to grow her fandom, we're so glad she is gaining more and more recognition. Whether you found her because of country radio, music news sites, Spotify recommendations, or her "dump truck," Lainey's talent and authenticity is undeniable. Country music is lucky to have icons like her!

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