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Our Favorite Moments Of Kelsea Ballerini's HEARTFIRST Tour

All hail our queen Kelsea Ballerini. The country-pop superstar has just wrapped the first part of her HEARTFIRST tour, which accompanied her phenomenal fourth studio album SUBJECT TO CHANGE. While it's very likely there will be more, as the star has adorably and casually teased us on social media, we can't help but reminisce on the sheer magic that took place during the tour's first ten nights. With that, here's our favorite moments from the first leg of the HEARTFIRST tour!

The live versions of our favorite SUBJECT TO CHANGE tracks

Fans had relatively little time after the release of SUBJECT TO CHANGE until tour started. The New York City audience didn't even have 24 hours to learn all the lyrics! However, the Legends didn't miss a beat screaming along to every word on tour, even of the new album, once again proving that they're the best fandom ever.

There is truly nothing more beautiful than Kelsea's pure, infectious joy in performing. Just look at her smile and that cute twirl during "THE LITTLE THINGS"!!

Also, a moment of silence for her live performance of "I GUESS THEY CALL IT FALLIN," We're especially obsessed with the bridge, where she's on her knees belting out the song like the goddess she is.

The legendary outfits and quick changes

Kelsea has never once worn an outfit she didn't look good in. That said, the HEARTFIRST tour outfits stand out as some of her best. They all perfectly capture the aesthetic and underlying messages of her SUBJECT TO CHANGE era. She even opened her shows in the same yellow dress from the album cover.

Also - can we talk about those quick changes? She pulls them off so flawlessly - at this point, we're not even sure if she's human.

Okay, she had one wardrobe malfunction, but she took it in stride.

Carly Pearce & Kenny Chesney's surprises

Ever wondered what happens when country music's queens join forces? Well, it looks a little something like this. None other than "YOU'RE DRUNK, GO HOME" collaborator Carly Pearce came out during the Chicago show to sing with Kelsea.

And Kenny Chesney came out during the Los Angeles show, shocking not only fans but also Kelsea herself. We're so glad her team kept this a secret from her. Her reaction is priceless. Of course, the two performed a stunning rendition of "half of my hometown" after this cute moment.

"WEATHER" live

One of the best songs on SUBJECT TO CHANGE, we couldn't imagine how "WEATHER" could get any better until we heard the live version. Good luck not getting floored at her talent and stage presence.

The casual announcement of "more dates??"

After finishing the last show in Foxwoods, CT, Kelsea posted the following video to her Instagram story. It quickly turned from celebratory to foreshadowing, and that wink is going to keep us up at night.

Needless to say, we can't wait for leg two!

Fan-voted STC Song Of The Night

Before each show, Kelsea posted a poll on her Instagram story, having fans vote on a song from her back catalogue to perform on tour that night. The STC songs included gems like "love me like a girl," "overshare," and "First Time."

However, for the last tour stop in Foxwoods, Kelsea did something a little different. The choices on her Instagram poll that day included a new song. This TikTok only sent her Legends into even more chaos.

"kelsea nicole ballerini ABSOLUTELY NOT," commented one fan. "You really said hold onto your boots and meant it," wrote another.

The "new song" turned out to be "MARILYN," a standout B-side (and her only solo-write) from SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Between Kelsea's heartfelt emotion and flawless vocals, this performance is nothing short of perfection. What a way to end the tour.

Heartfelt messages from fans

Last but not least, the Legends' support for their idol is unlike any other. Some have been following her since The First Time came out, while others discovered her through TikTok after the release of SUBJECT TO CHANGE. We love nothing more than seeing Kelsea's tight-knit community of fans come together for her music and shows.

Many things may be "SUBJECT TO CHANGE," but not the beautiful relationship between Kelsea and her fans. They have stuck by her through thick and thin and never once left her side. The Atlanta audience made sure to let her know this, as they held up signs saying "You have us" during the emotional "WHAT I HAVE". The fan project, started by @kelseacentral, brought us all to tears.

For many Legends, Kelsea is much more than a favorite celebrity - she's an inspiration, a comfort person, a safe space, and a reason to keep going. Seeing signs with these types of messages at every show is extremely touching.

While it's overall bittersweet to see leg one of the HEARTFIRST tour wrap, the past ten shows have come with unforgettable experiences and the best memories. There really isn't a more triumphant way to celebrate the release of SUBJECT TO CHANGE. We're so proud of Kelsea, and can't wait to see what she does next from here!

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