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Our Favorite Tunes By 2003's Women Of Country

While we love the country music of today and celebrate how far the scene has come, sometimes, we can’t help but miss what it looked like in the early 2000s. 2003 served as a landmark year for the genre - especially as influential women like Shania Twain, The Chicks, Martina McBride, and Terri Clarke played significant roles in the genre. With that said, in no particular order, here’s our 4 favorite country songs from that year by female artists.

“She’s Not Just A Pretty Face” by Shania Twain

Twain empowers women everywhere with this iconic country-rock tune. The country legend describes goals that several women work hard to achieve, professions that they pour their heart and soul into, and everyday qualities they possess that she admires. “She is your waitress, she is your judge, she is your teacher, she is every woman in the world!” Twain proclaims in her self-penned lyrics. The song emphasizes that women deserve respect and to be taken seriously, to be recognized for their talents and accomplishments more than for their looks.

“Travelin’ Soldier” by The Chicks

While the trio is best known for the classic hit “Landslide,” this 2003 hit shines through with its folk and bluegrass influences, as well as its outstanding storytelling. The song describes a girl waiting for the boy she loves to return from the Vietnam War; she learns of his passing at a Friday night football game, as his name is read among the list of local Vietnam soldiers who didn’t make it. The song was especially relevant in the time it was released - although the song originally centered around the Vietnam War, the nation was going through another painful situation with Afghanistan at the time. Through a tale of heartbreak, “Travelin’ Soldier'' tells a story important to our country’s history.

“Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride

In this stripped-back and emotional track, McBride portrays a young girl who battled domestic abuse and ultimately perished. “A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate / When morning comes it’ll be too late,” McBride tells us. “Concrete Angel” calls attention to an important issue that unfortunately prevails worldwide. The song details the everyday reality and sad thought processes of domestic abuse victims, especially in a world where those who surround them are reluctant to step in and help them.

“I Wanna Do It All” by Terri Clark

Released on the first day of 2003, this country-rock classic made fans resolve to just live it up a little in the new year. “I wanna do it all, stand on the Great Wall/Play Carnegie Hall, wanna learn how to live/Like Cinderella, the Belle of the Ball/Make my movie with my baby doll, I wanna do it all,” proclaims Clark. With energetic electric guitar instrumentals, as well as the talented songwriting team of Tim Nichols, Rick Giles, and Giles Godard, the track remains a timeless banger. To this day, it brings audiences to their feet when Clark performs it live; it showcases Clark’s bold vocals and infectious energy.

Overall, sometimes but we can't help but miss 2003's influential country music scene. But with these powerful women in country dominating it back then, could you really blame us?

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