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Pam Ross Toys With Heartache In New Single "You Don't Know My Name"

We think it is safe to say we have all fallen for someone who doesn't even know we exist.

North Carolina based singer/songwriter Pam Ross gives a voice to those gut-wrenching emotions in the clever You Don't Know My Name. Known for her soul-stirring country rock sound, she penned the song in a matter of minutes. "I started playing with the E5 chord and the words just came to me," she says. "The song is based on that moment when you want something, but you know it'll only bring you heartache in the morning. It's all about those feelings of conflict."

Full of bright guitar and Pam's unique tone, she narrates the feverish feeling she feels when she spots a love interest from across the room. Bolding singing of when "lust caught fire," Pam's aguish of being ultimately rejected seeps through every word.

"This song is about that moment when a person finds themself conflicted between the excitement and impending heartache of having a one affair with someone they have had a huge crush on. They want to, but also know it would only be for one night, which will leave them heartbroken in the morning. The whole songs is based around those few moments of contemplation."

Ross is no stranger to awards and accolades, with her single Two Shots of Tequila making it to #2 on Bandwagon Network Radio, #8 on the iTunes UK Country Charts, and being played on US radio stations such as QDR 94.7 Homegrown Carolina Country and WNHE Nashville.

The singer has also been booked for multiple live appearances, including a BMI Songwriters Showcase in Austin and the First Annual Southern Songwriting Festival in South Carolina.

"You Don't Know My Name" is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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