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Pamela Hopkins Puts Her Fiery Spirt On Display In "Raised Some Hell in Me"

Little Rock, Arkansas native Pamela Hopkins is giving fans a glimpse into her upbringing with her rock heavy new track Raised Some Hell in Me.

The heavy hitting track written by Hopkins alongside Dave Lenahan and Melissa Leigh Johnson narrates the relatable story of rising a little who who has a little spice to her. Not to mention, the song is a personal one for Pamela.

"This is a story about me and my daddy. My dad was a little, for lack of a better word, 'rough around the edges," Hopkins tells All Country News.

I grew up fighting, whooping ass, just like my dad

People wondered how such a good girl could learn to be so bad

I could walk the walk, I could talk the talk, I did it every day

I was just as tough as my old man, that’s what everybody’d say

"My dad passed away from cancer in December 2019, so I thought I would write a song about him and how he influenced me as a person, rough edges and all. I wanted a blues-country, heavy rock-influenced type of vibe, and in my humble opinion, I think we nailed it. So, if you had a father that is, or was, a little on the dangerous side, then I'm sure you'll relate," Hopkins tells All Country News.

Full of conviction and personal emotion, Pamela's voice really shines. Sonic influences for the track pull from early Joan Jett to country rocker Gretchen Wilson. With a funky baseline and strong guitar riff, Hopkins continues to show off her wide range.


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