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Pamela Hopkins Tells Her Love Story In "I Love You Most."

February 10th 2023

Love songs have become a cornerstone of country music, and Little Rock, Arkansas native captures the highs of being with your forever person.

With nearly three decades in the business, the Little Rock native strives to put good lyrics and female energy in all her songs. Her creativity is one that many in her craft strive for.

"I Love You Most" will make you smile. It's classic country feel from the strong guitar to steady drum helps to bring the story to life! The sonic landscape reminds us of the great female country ballads of the 1990s.

Co-written by Hopkins and frequent co-writer Dave Lenahan, perfectly wraps up the balance of a loving relationship.

They say in every love story

Someone loves just a little bit more

The creative and fresh take is one of Hopkin's strongpoints, and something the industry needs! With so many love songs that are slow and tug at your heart, "I Love You Most" stands out in the crowd!

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