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Parker McCollum Confirms The Release Date For His Next Album

January 23rd 2023

Country music's "Gold Chain Cowboy" has dropped a bomb on fans! Lately Twitter has become a clever and effective way for fans and artists to interact. However, fans have been able to get some big news out of their favorite artists as of recent. Parker's own fans fall into this trend.

Photo chriskleinmeier

Twitter user and fan Shayne Belt is doing god's work. He called out McCollum in a recent post on the platform. “Jokes over, when are we getting the new album? @ParkerMcCollum,” Belt tweeted. To the surprise of Belt and fans, Parker replied simple with “May 12th.”

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Parker's new album, and it is safe to say that he has been breadcrumming us for some time! Along with his latest single "Stoned," Parker shared this teaser on December 16th, 2023.

Sneak Peak of the new album. This songs called “Lessons From An Old Man” the post said.

Parker also shared a screenshot of his notes from his phone late last year with some track listings blurred out, sadly it was only on his stories.

Needless to say Parker is coming of a busy 2022 and is gearing up to hit the road on his own 2023 headlining tour, in addition to opening a few shows for Eric Church on his The Outsiders Revival Tour. We are crossing our fingers and toes for some new songs on the road.

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