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Peachtree Entertainment Rebrands: Revolutionizing Live Country Music With An Artist-First Approach

Peachtree Entertainment, a global concert promoter headquartered in Nashville, TN, is redefining the live music experience. Founded in 2013 by Bradley Jordan, Peachtree Entertainment has become a powerhouse in the industry, known for developing large-scale touring projects, outdoor festivals, and indoor rodeo concepts. The company has recently taken a significant step forward by bringing long-time industry executives Nathan Baugh and Shane Quick into the fold, along with a strategic partnership with LiveCo.

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The Dynamic Team Behind the Vision

Peachtree Entertainment's success can be attributed to its visionary leadership. Nathan Baugh will serve as CEO, overseeing daily operations, finance, logistics, and team leadership. Shane Quick, a seasoned industry professional, will focus on nurturing relationships with artists and their teams. Bradley Jordan, the founder, will continue to scout and cultivate new talent, ensuring that Peachtree remains at the forefront of discovering and promoting the next big names in country music.

An Artist-First Philosophy

Peachtree Entertainment has always prioritized an "artist-first" mentality. This philosophy treats artists as partners rather than inventory, recognizing them as the driving force behind the company's success. This approach has helped launch the careers of renowned artists like Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, and Luke Bryan, among others. Peachtree's portfolio includes major events like Alan Jackson's farewell tour, Rock The Country with Kid Rock, and the legendary Rock The South festival.

LiveCo Partnership: Enhancing the Fan Experience

The collaboration with LiveCo, a leader in delivering top-notch live entertainment experiences, marks a new chapter for Peachtree Entertainment. Chuck Steedman, LiveCo's president and CEO, expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting the innovative and visionary leadership at Peachtree. Together, they aim to provide unparalleled experiences for fans, artists, and entertainers alike.

A Legacy of Iconic Events

Peachtree Entertainment is renowned for its iconic events that draw massive crowds and feature top-tier talent. The national farewell tour for country legend Alan Jackson is a testament to Peachtree's ability to host monumental events. The Rock The Country festival, in partnership with Kid Rock, will bring together over 150,000 fans across seven small-town cities. The Rock The South festival in Cullman, AL, continues to be a major highlight, along with the Auburn Rodeo, which has featured performances by stars like Morgan Wallen and Zach Bryan.

Meet the Team

Peachtree Entertainment boasts a talented team of industry veterans, including Billy Cowell, the creator of Tailgates & Tallboys, Joe Lee, Layne Flournoy, and many more. This diverse team brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that every event is a memorable experience for fans and artists alike.

Looking Ahead

With a strong foundation and a clear vision for the future, Peachtree Entertainment is poised to maintain its significant impact on the country music landscape. By continuing to prioritize artists and delivering exceptional live music experiences, Peachtree is set to elevate its status as a premier national concert promoter.


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