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Peytan Porter Sings Of Her Ideal Heaven In The Thought Provoking New Single "God's Hotel"

Close you eyes, how do you picture heaven? Does it have those pearly gates and golden roads? Well just ask rising country songstress Peytan Porter what she things and you may realize that heaven may look very different to everyone.

Today songwriting powerhouse and vocal visionary Peytan Porter gives us a more inclusive view of the afterlife in the thought provoking God's Hotel. Written by Peytan, Faren Rachels, and Jeff Garrison, and produced by Greg Bates, the song discusses the idea of the well-known reward supposedly awaiting the faithful in the afterlife and how a hotel in heaven might be a better fit for the narrator than a perfect mansion ever could be.

"We wrote this one two years ago," Porter told All Country News. " Jeff Garrison threw out the title. The three of us all have such a great relationship that we all started talking about religious trauma," Peytan laughs. "I don't know if I can get into the pearly gates, maybe I can get into a hotel."

Porter has always been comfortable leaning a little left of center and explore themes and stories that often other artists are afraid to touch and God's Hotel is an earnest example. The dreamy production helps Porter to narrates the inner thoughts of a faithful person wondering if there is a spot for them in the great beyond. With raw conviction and a dash of hopefulness Peytan sings the powerful chorus.

Maybe God’s got a hotel/ For people like me/That ain’t trying to build a mansion/ On a gold gated street/ All I’ve heard about heaven is it don’t come cheap/ Maybe God’s got a hotel For people like me

"My heaven would consist of people that you aren't perfect and aren't pretending to be most importantly. There would be people who sleep late, people who wake up early, People who want continental breakfast, people who wanna cook their own. People who have made mistakes and are willing to talk about it instead of sweeping it under the rug. For me, it's just a place where I hope heaven is like that," Peytan says of her ideal heaven.

Porter's transparency offers solace for those who are faithful but feel that they may miss the mark because "All I’ve heard about heaven is it don’t come cheap." Exploring her own faith and allowing others to connect is truly a superpower. Allowing fans to close their eyes and recall their own faithfulness is at the core of this emotive new track.

God's Hotel is all about embracing each other for all of our flaws and idiosyncrasies. In just over three minutes Peytan provides hope for those who find themselves toying with their own faith journey and provides them possibly a more humble approach to God's love.

Unafraid to share her heart, Peytan Porter and God's Hotel provides a home for all faithful people.


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