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PHOTOS: Morgan Wallen Teases New Music With Photos From The Studio. What Songs Could We Be Getting

We think it is safe to say that the superstar does not sleep!

Matt Paskert/David Lehr

Morgan Wallen is back in the studio, and it is safe to say that we are damn excited. On Friday, March 1st the Tennessee native confirmed the rumors that new music was indeed coming!

Wallen shared a series of pictures along with the caption "Back at it with Joey Moi." Moi, a friend and collaborator of Wallen was also a producer on Wallen's hit album One Thing At A Time.

What Songs Could Be On The New Project

While nothing is confirmed, Morgan has been dropping teasers for a few months now. Back on January 12th, the award winner took to social media to share a snippet of a new heartfelt ballad. The raw track raises the question, if an ex lover can be the source of all your problems.

“I guess I’m the problem,

You’re miss never do no wrong,

If I’m so awful,

Then why’d you stick around this long

And if it’s the whiskey,

Then why do you keep on pullin’ it off the shelf,

You hate that when you look at me

You halfway see yourself”

Fellow country stars poured into the comments, praising the new demo titled "I Guess." Parker McCollum even commented, "Release that exactly how it is. So good." You can listen below.

Back on February 20th, Morgan alongside other Big Loud artists like HARDY, Larry Fleet and ERNEST played a private show for lucky fans and industry folk. During the acoustic set, Morgan sang a new unreleased banger seemingly names "Lies Lies Lies." The song features his signature southern grovel and intoxicating style of songwriting.

But get this, yesterday March 3rd, to celebrate the one year anniversary of One Thing At A Time, Morgan surprised fans with the Abbey Road Sessions. The acoustic sessions are exclusive to his YouTube page and include previously released favorites along with you guessed it, "Lies Lies Lies."

Only time will tell, but we have a feeling that new MW is just around the corner. 


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