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Pillbox Patti Shares Experiences in "Florida" With Debut Album

Pillbox Patti is entering a new chapter of her career, transitioning from veteran songwriter to rising solo artist. This morning, she dropped her first full-length record Florida, which is about, well, Florida. In transparent and authentic lyrics as well as standout vocals, Pillbox Patti shares her stories of growing up in the state.

Pillbox Patti may be a newcomer on the performing side of the industry, but she is no stranger to Nashville. She has an outstanding decade-long history of penning hits for country's greatest stars, including household names like Lainey Wilson and Ashley McBryde. As Pillbox Patti enters her singing career, she continues to closely work with the latter - she is featured on numerous tracks of McBryde's newest record Lindeville. As a solo artist, Pillbox Patti shares a unique and unfiltered perspective.

Several country songs portray a picturesque upper-class small town upbringing, including a white picket fence and acres upon acres of farmland. But that's far from the truth for Pillbox Patti and countless other Americans. “I hope Florida sheds a light on the badass, cool ass, good ass people on the other side of these small towns," she shared. "The kind of people I know and came up with that aren’t livin’ in a paint by number country song.” For example, the poignant "Valentine’s Day" covers an abortion she had in high school, and "Hookin Up" overall talks about the double-standards women face in society.

In an outstanding first album, Pillbox Patti communicates the good, the bad, and the ugly of her upbringing in Florida. The resonant, powerful lens to her work sets her apart from a sea of up-and-coming artists. Pillbox Patti shows that country music encompasses much more than the stereotypical beer drinkers, truck drivers, and football tailgaters - it is a universal art form that everyone should be able to find something for themselves in. With her triumphant debut, Pillbox Patti is making history, not just in her genre but also in the music industry at large.

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