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Post Malone Finally Announces His Country Album: Here’s What We Know and What We’re Hoping For

In a move that has electrified both hip-hop and country music fans, Post Malone has announced his sixth studio album, "F-1 Trillion," set to drop on August 16.

Via Post Malone Facebook

The news broke on Tuesday when Malone shared an image of a sign in Nashville bearing the album's title and a sleek, car-themed logo. The accompanying caption, “Sup motherfuckas…F-1 Trillion August 16th,” left no room for ambiguity about the release date and set social media abuzz.

The choice of Nashville for the announcement is more than just a geographical nod; it’s a clear indication of the album's musical direction. Malone, who has been navigating the waters of country music with remarkable success recently, appears ready to fully embrace the genre.

Malone’s foray into country has been nothing short of impressive. His duet with Morgan Wallen, “I Had Some Help,” has dominated the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks. Additionally, his feature on Beyoncé’s country record, “Cowboy Carter,” for the duet “Levii’s Jeans” showcased his versatility and broadened his appeal to country audiences.

Building on this momentum, Malone gave a preview of the upcoming album’s sound with the release of its second single, “Pour Me a Drink," with Blake Shelton. This track, performed live alongside Shelton at CMA Fest’s Spotify House, hints at a collection rich in collaboration and country spirit. Further stoking the excitement, Malone and Wallen shared the stage during Wallen’s headlining set at Stagecoach festival in April, a performance that also saw Malone’s solo Stagecoach debut. His renditions of country classics, featuring guests like Dwight Yoakam and Brad Paisley, were a highlight of the festival.

While the official tracklist for "F-1 Trillion" remains under wraps, speculation about potential collaborations is rife. Malone has previously teased a song with Luke Combs, and given his recent performances with Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley, fans are hopeful for some star-studded duets. We are also crossing our finger that “Never Love You Again,” which Malone plays at this year's ACM wards will make the cut.

The cross-genre appeal of Post Malone is undeniable, and "F-1 Trillion" promises to be a landmark album that blends the raw, emotive storytelling of country music with Malone’s unique style. His seamless transition between genres has not only garnered him critical acclaim but also expanded his fan base, bringing diverse audiences together.

As August 16 approaches, the excitement for "F-1 Trillion" is palpable. Will it feature more unexpected collaborations? Will Malone continue to redefine his sound and push the boundaries of genre? One thing is certain: Post Malone’s venture into country music is a thrilling journey, and fans from all musical backgrounds are eager to see where it leads next.

So, buckle up and get ready for "Country Post" – it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


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