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Post Malone & Morgan Wallen’s ‘I Had Some Help’ Soars To Historic No. 1 On Country Airplay Chart

In a meteoric rise reminiscent of the genre's greats, Post Malone and Morgan Wallen's "I Had Some Help" has achieved a historic milestone on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. This powerful breakup anthem surged from No. 2 to the coveted No. 1 spot in just seven weeks, a feat not seen since 2007.

Post Malone & Morgan Wallen | Photo courtesy of Mercury Records / REPUBLIC / Big Loud Records

The track, drenched in heartfelt emotion and raw honesty, has captivated the hearts of country fans nationwide. Between June 14-20, it gained a 6% increase in audience impressions, reaching 31.5 million, as reported by Luminate. Crafted by an impressive songwriting team that includes Post Malone, Wallen, Louis Bell, Ernest, Ashley Gorley, Hoskins, Ryan Vojtesa, and Chandler Paul Walters, "I Had Some Help" combines lyrical playfulness with compelling melodies.

 "I Had Some Help" is a raw and unapologetic anthem of culpability. Post Malone and Morgan Wallen trade verses like old friends swapping stories over a bottle of whiskey, each confessing to their own sins while calling out the other's faults with equal fervor. The result? A gut-punch of a chorus that hits harder than a hangover on Monday morning.But don't mistake the grit for gloom; there's an undeniable energy coursing through this track that's impossible to resist. From the pounding drums to the soaring harmonies, every element is dialed up to eleven, daring you not to sing along at the top of your lungs.

And let's not forget that bridge, where Wallen and Malone join forces to drive home the song's central message: it takes two to tango, but it also takes two to tear each other apart. It's a moment of catharsis that'll leave you nodding in solemn agreement, even as you reach for the volume knob to crank it up just a little bit higher. "I Had Some Help" isn't just a collaboration; it's a revelation. Post Malone and Morgan Wallen have crafted a genre-bending masterpiece that's as buzzworthy as it is thoughtful, as original as it is unforgettable.

This lightning-fast ascent to the top marks the quickest climb since Garth Brooks’ "More Than a Memory," the only song in the chart's 34-year history to debut at No. 1 back in September 2007. For songs rising from another rank, "I Had Some Help" matches the record set by Tim McGraw’s "Live Like You Were Dying," which also took seven weeks to hit No. 1 in July 2004. To put this in perspective, the average climb to the top spot this decade takes a leisurely 33 weeks.

For Post Malone, traditionally known for his dominance in the pop and hip-hop realms, this achievement marks his first No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart. His crossover appeal continues to grow, and fans eagerly await his upcoming album, "F-1 Trillion," set to drop on August 16. The announcement of this highly anticipated release was made in classic Post Malone style—via a billboard in Nashville on June 18.

Morgan Wallen, no stranger to chart-topping hits, celebrates his 13th No. 1 on Country Airplay with "I Had Some Help." His presence on the charts doesn't end there; his collaboration with Ernest, "Cowgirls," has also climbed to impressive heights, moving from No. 6 to No. 3 with a 16% increase in audience impressions, totaling 26.3 million.

Moreover, "I Had Some Help" has enjoyed a five-week reign at No. 1 on both the multimetric Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs charts as of the June 22 charts. This multi-format success underscores the song’s broad appeal and the dynamic synergy between Post Malone and Morgan Wallen.

As "I Had Some Help" continues to resonate with listeners, it cements its place in country music history, showcasing the power of collaboration and the ever-evolving landscape of the genre. With Post Malone’s boundary-pushing influence and Wallen’s country roots, this track exemplifies the magic that happens when diverse musical worlds collide.


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