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Post Malone Strikes Again! Teases New Country Collab With Blake Shelton

Post Malone, known for his genre-defying music, is embarking on a new adventure into the realm of country music. The multi-talented artist has recently demonstrated his versatility by releasing the song “I Had Some Help” with Morgan Wallen. Not to mention he is showing off his country side at Stagecoach and the Academy of Country Music Awards, and teased collaborations with Luke Combs, sparking widespread anticipation for a full-length country album.

Via Post Malone and Blake Shelton Facebook

Back on May 23, Malone further fueled excitement by sharing a snippet of a new song featuring Blake Shelton that now has tens of millions of views on social media. The track, centered around the theme of celebrating on a Friday night, includes lyrics like “I’m ’bout to get on a buzz/I’m ’bout to get on a roll. I’ve been breaking my back, just keepin’ up with the Joneses/Y’all know what I mean, y’all know how it goes.” Needless to say the blend of Post's vocals and Shelton's signature twang is nothing short of country music magic.

The always cleverBlake Shelton expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration by posting his own video on Instagram, where he is seen enjoying the music and raising a toast to the song. This shared excitement from both artists has only heightened fans' anticipation for Malone's upcoming album.

Although an official release date for Post Malone's country album has not been announced, the teasers indicate that its arrival may be imminent. Fans and industry insiders alike are eagerly awaiting what promises to be an innovative addition to the country music landscape.


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