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Premiere: Jillian Cardarelli Shakes Up Summer with Empowering Anthem "Worth The Whiskey" Music Video

Get ready to add a new favorite to your summer playlist! Jillian Cardarelli, the rising star in country music, has just released her latest single "Worth The Whiskey." This upbeat, toe-tapping anthem, co-written with Susan Cattaneo and produced by Daniel Dennis, promises to bring a fresh yet familiar sound to your speakers, capturing the essence of contemporary meets 90’s country.

Photo Credit: Dusty Barker

From the first strum of the guitar, "Worth The Whiskey" whisks listeners away to a classic honky-tonk bar, evoking a sense of nostalgia and raw emotion. Cardarelli's lyrical cleverness shines as she crafts a vivid narrative of heartbreak, wrapped in an empowering message. This isn't just another "tear in my beer" song; it's a declaration of self-worth and resilience, reminding every listener that they are indeed "worth the whiskey." “When we wrote this song, I wanted to transport listeners back in time to an old school honky-tonk bar when they heard the first guitar lick on this track,” shares Cardarelli. “While this song is fun and upbeat, it's a heartbreak song with an important message -- that a woman, even though she's heartbroken, knows her true worth -- and she's definitely ‘worth the whiskey.’”

Cardarelli’s ability to blend heartfelt storytelling with an irresistible beat ensures that "Worth The Whiskey" will be a standout track this season. Her distinctive voice and compelling songwriting resonate deeply, creating music that is both timeless and relatable. Fans of her previous work will find themselves hitting the repeat button, while new listeners will quickly understand why Cardarelli is a name to watch in the country music scene.

Bringing the story to life, the accompaning music video is premering today on All Country News. "This video was so much fun to make.  This song is all about transporting listeners and viewers back to their favorite old-school honky tonk bar.  From playing pool under the neon beer signs, colorful string lights hanging from the ceiling and vintage posters on the wall, we wanted viewers to imagine themselves there.  My videographer, Dusty Barker, does a phenomenal job of storytelling and he captured exactly what I was looking for," Jillian told All Country News.

With "Worth The Whiskey," Jillian Cardarelli not only delivers a song that captures the spirit of the genre, but also speaks to the strength and resilience within us all. So, pour yourself a drink, turn up the volume, and let this anthem remind you of your own worth – because just like the song says, you're definitely worth it.


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