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PREMIERE: Matt Jordan & Kayley Bishop Team Up For Cinematic New Single "Greatest Story"

The cinematic single seamlessly captures a story of a love that could have been.

Premiering exclusively today on All Country News, country rocker Matt Jordan teams up with Voice alum Kayley Bishop to share a story that seems like it is ripped right out of a movie. Highlighted by ethereal production and a gripping storyline, Matt and Kayley capture the true essence of country music, storytelling. Relishing in what could have been, the tender "Greatest Story" puts the riser's dynamic artistry on full display.

Determined to bring his story forward style of country to life, the zestful single shows what a thoughtful tune smith Matt is. While hinting at classic themes of love and loss, Matt and Kayley manage to capture the core of what a great country music duet is. Oozing with painful relatability, "Greatest Story" will have you hooked from the first verse.

Hey hey baby you can call it what ya wanna call it

We were two hearts fallin’ in

Head first shoulda wrote the end first

Shoulda read in reverse Had a million copies sold

Guess I was just a hand to hold

In the greatest story never told

Matt Jordan: Photo Provided

“The idea behind 'Greatest Story' is a love song about a love that never actually happened,” Matt says of the single. "It's about a friendship that never had a chance to blossom into a romantic relationship and the haunting wonderment of what might have been if it had. When a true relationship ends, you know why it did and that provides some closure. But when one never actually starts, you often wonder what it might have been like and romanticize that idea. Whether it would have worked or not is another story."

Penned by Matt, alongside Jarrett Hartness and produced by Grammy-Award nominated producer, Sal Oliveri (P!nk, Chris Stapleton), is the final single off Jordan’s highly anticipated upcoming album, Low Lights releasing on February 23, 2024. 

"Greatest Story' is the last single before my full album, Low Lights, comes out on Feb. 23rd.  It's sort of a personal song on the album for me, so I've kind of been sitting on it, but I'm really excited to release it," Matt told All Country News. "I feel so lucky that my friend Kayley Bishop agreed to sing on this song with me. I already loved the song before Kayley became a part of it, and she just took it to another level.  I think it will resonate with a lot of people.

With his new album dropping next month, Matt gave us an idea of what fans can expect. "The Low Lights album is more sonically driven than my first album, The Gamble.  In writing for The Gamble, we focused a lot more on personal stories that I'd lived, so lyrics were often the driving force.  Without sacrificing the lyrical quality on Low Lights, this new album, we really wrote the songs around the music and the overall feel.  A lot of that came from more time on the road, playing shows between the two albums.  We saw what types of songs worked better with a live audience and really tailored our writing for a lot of these songs to be ones that would translate well in a live setting.  As far as the overall vibe of the record, I'd say it's 80's Heartland Rock meets today's Country.  It's familiar and fresh at the same time and I'm really proud of what we came up with."

Through story and sound, the rising talent solidifies himself as one of the biggest acts to watch in 2023.


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