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Priscilla Block Releases Deluxe Version Of “Welcome To The Block Party,” Premiering Two New Songs

Country music's hottest newcomer, Priscilla Block, is redefining the genre. Today, she dropped the deluxe edition of her poignant debut, Welcome To The Block Party.

Image credit: UMG Nashville

Since the viral success of "Just About Over You," Block has exponentially grown her fanbase. "This past year was really big for me, especially releasing my debut album. When we were selecting songs for Welcome To The Block Partywe had so many songs to choose from, which is why I’m super excited for the deluxe album. Four more songs that complete the Block Party era," the singer said in a recent press release.

Prior to today's full-length release, fans have heard two of these four new masterpieces - the fun "Off The Deep End" and the honest "Me Pt. 2." "Getting Even" and "Little Bit," two previously unheard gems, both communicate bold statements to an ex that she has moved on from.

The new songs continue the album's overarching aspects of "sassy, trashy, and sad," as Block describes. The project puts her impeccable belt on full display; her one-of-a-kind vocals carry a charged delivery in a truly unique project. Adding fresh perspectives to her work, Block is the kind of star that country music has been longing for.

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