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RaeLynn releases new music video for "Me About Me"

December 11, 2020

RaeLynn's latest music video release for her song, "Me About Me," reminds us why we love her so much. It's not just her classic southern charm but the way she connects with her fans through her vulnerable lyrics.

The music video features clips of RaeLynn singing the song set in between a story of a woman in an abusive relationship and the rollercoaster of emotions that come along with it. The music video feels more like a movie as it's set under a vintage orange hue throughout its entire two minutes.

RaeLynn wrote the song about a personal experience. "[It's about] being in a one-sided relationship with somebody who's just kind of selfish, and doesn't really care about the little things that make you who you are," RaeLynn shared with Taste of Country. "It's heartbreaking, but it's beautiful at the end, because she comes full-circle and realizes, 'I'm not gonna change for anybody."

Watch the full video below or here.

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