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Raise Your Glasses: Grant Gilbert's Latest Single, 'Drunk Since Dallas,' Hits the Heartstrings

Grant Gilbert, the Lone Star troubadour from River House Artists, once again delivers a poignant punch with his latest offering, 'Drunk Since Dallas.' This hard-hitting country ballad, produced by the talented Lukas Scott and penned by Gilbert alongside Forrest Finn and Joe Whelan, hits all the right notes with its raw emotion and relatable storytelling.

At the heart of 'Drunk Since Dallas' lies a narrative that many can empathize with: the aftermath of a breakup. Gilbert's lyrics cut straight to the core, capturing the ache of heartbreak with unflinching honesty. Lines like 'I’ve been drunk since Dallas/Since I wasn’t who you thought I was' resonate deeply, painting a vivid picture of shattered expectations and the struggle to cope with the pain.

But beyond the lyrics, Gilbert's performance shines brightly, showcasing his talent as both a singer and a songwriter. His emotive delivery breathes life into every word, drawing listeners into the heartache and turmoil of the song's protagonist. Backed by a stirring melody and soulful instrumentation, 'Drunk Since Dallas' packs an emotional wallop that lingers long after the final chord fades away.

While rooted in country tradition, Gilbert's music transcends genre boundaries, speaking to anyone who has ever felt the sting of lost love. Whether you're nursing a broken heart or simply appreciating the artistry of a well-crafted song, 'Drunk Since Dallas' offers something for everyone.

“As a songwriter, you’re always on the lookout for ideas for a song. On a trip to Florida, one of my friends arrived after he’d been drinking all day at the airport,” says Gilbert in a press statement. “When he showed up, he said, ‘Man, I’ve been drunk since Dallas.’” I wrote the song the following week. As a Texan, I figured it was about time I had a song about Dallas.”

Grant Gilbert's 'Drunk Since Dallas' is a testament to the power of honest storytelling and authentic emotion in music. With its catchy hooks, heartfelt lyrics, and soul-stirring vocals, it's destined to become a staple in the country music canon and a favorite among fans old and new alike.


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