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Ray Fulcher Teams Up With Tenille Arts For A Timeless Country Love Song In "After The Rain"

For a guy who does not sing or write a lot of love songs, Ray Fulcher's softspot is one that he does in fact thrive in. With over 3 billion streams throughout a span of a few years, and 30 million artist streams, plus, four #1 singles which he has co-writing credits on. Nashville's number one Georgia Bulldogs fan Ray Fulcher is making his name known in country music

Today Black River's own country music tunesmith gives fans a peak into his softer side with an angelic duet, one that hasn't hit as hard as this one since Tim and Faith.

A wizard with the pen and a highly successful writing in his own right, Ray's approach to a love song is creative and emotional. Ray has a way of making this love song mature and not mushy. Plus the addition of country songstress was *chef's kiss*.

"I don't right a ton of love songs," Ray said in a social media post. "I don't typically enjoy writing them," Ray continued. Like Fulcher said in his post, the song is a breath of fresh air in a genre that love songs can often seem forced, immature or not authentic.

The go to Luke Combs co-writer is really flexing his writing muscles and offers country music fans a fresh take on what finding the right person can feel like. "After The Rain," is the perfect personification of love and all the emotions that come along with it.

You were a parachute when I was falling

A ride home, lights off, last calling

When I was lost you were my saving grace

You were the anchor when the storm was raging

Picked up the pieces when my heart was breaking

Since you showed up nothing’s been the same

Loving you’s like a blue sky after the rain…”

But lets not forget the spot on addition of Tenille Arts, honestly we can't thing of anyone else who could have been more spot on. Between Ray's natural twang and Tenille's ethereal tone, the country music magic that is taking place allows fans to close their eyes and put themselves right in the angelic narrative. The two play off each other like country yin and yang and makes listeners want to fall of love.

Needless to say between the incredibly relatable lyrics, raw production and magic harmonies, Ray and Tenille speak to the hopeless romantic in us all.


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