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Reba Honors Band Member For His Graduation At Recent Concert

January 10th 2023

We have always known that Reba has had a heart a gold!

At a recent concert in Ernesto, Florida CMA winner Reba McEntire stopped her show to honor her percussionist, Garth Justice.

“We’re going to interrupt our regularly scheduled program right now,” Reba told her audience in a video posted on Facebook! Garth, who was supposed to graduate from Lee University in Tennessee, was scheduled to graduate the same night of Reba's Florida stop.

Photos Via Garth Justice's Facebook

The country music icon made the moment even more memorable, by giving Garth his diploma while he was dressed in traditional graduation garb. Justice's family was also in attendance as the recent grad accepted his diploma from Reba as the famous graduation march played on in the background.

“May I present to you the class of 2022 at Lee University, Garth Justice,” McEntire says emotionally in a video posted by Garth's wife on Facebook!

"What an honor it was to have @reba recognize @garthjustice on his graduation day! He wasn’t able to walk at @leeuniversity but this was the next best thing! Thanks to Reba and all of her team for making my husband feel so loved!"

Garth also took to his social media saying “I’m still speechless over this moment on Saturday night. If you’ve ever wondered what type of person Reba McEntire is, wonder no longer,” he wrote. “She’s the queen of country music and she’s the real deal. None sweeter or more thoughtful. Marne McLyman, Tayler Bock, and Melonie Murphy outdid themselves planning this whole thing. And the band and crew were all in on it as well. They all made a memory for me that I’ll never forget. Now, what to get them all for Christmas?!?”

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