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Reid Haughton Brings A Taste Of Alabama To Music City With Bright New EP

Grab your dancin' shoes, Reid Haughton has arrived.

Today, the small town Alabama singer/songwriter blessed Music City with his eight track self titled EP! From first to last note, Haughton's influences and unique swampy sound flows effortlessly.

The previously released toe tapper Day You Don't showcases the born hitmaker's talent from the jump. The opening track tells the tale of of a hopeless romantic waiting for his love interest to realize she is with the wrong guy. Dropping hints of his red flags along the way, Reid hopes that she falls into the arms of the right guy. However, the carefully placed lyrics make this one an effortless classic! From the Southern rock guitar to the witty take on love, show that Reid isn't here to mess around!

Another prime track has to be the painfully relatable Should've Thought About That. We have all been stuck in that toxic push and pull of a sticky situtaionship. When lust and Coors Lite combine sometimes we make mistakes that when the sun rises we hang our head and wonder why. Reid's more innovative lyrics however take this sometimes mundane theme in the genre and make it fresh once again! The track is the perfect blend of laid back melodies and more nostalgic sounds.

Tender fan favorite She Is also makes an appearance on the EP. Plus fans get the track two ways! Full band or acoustic, Reid's take on romance is clever and raw. Thanking his love interest for being everything he isn't and perfectly encapsulates the feeling of finding the one.

However, for us the standout track has to be the bright and guitar heavy Say Less. The retro track best sums up what Reid is all about. Between the inspiring guitar work and a lively and evergreen story, full of innuendos, sometimes so well hidden, you have to listen twice. The smart track has done his influences proud.

“This EP is just the beginning of a whole new journey for my career. These songs are the result of playing years of shows and writing many songs to figure out who I felt I truly am as an artist,” says Haughton. “This is my first project since moving to Nashville and these are the first batch of songs that truly represent me. It has been an incredible experience to write these songs and bring them to life with such talented people," Reid said in a press release.

Steadfastly true to his Southern roots, Reid Haughton isn't afraid to standout. Between inventive instrumentation and creative stories, Reid's story is just beginning!


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