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Riley Green's Mom's Hilarious Reaction to Her Son's Underwear Modeling Debut

When your son decides to become an underwear model, how do you react? Well, Riley Green's mom recently spilled the beans on her feelings regarding her son's saucy new gig, and her candid response is nothing short of priceless.

On the "Got it from my Momma Podcast," the interviewer asked the burning question, "What's your reaction to Riley now as an underwear model?" In her oh-so-mom-like manner, Riley's mother answered, "I really thought the video that they did was really cute and it captured his personality very well. Some of the still shots were maybe a little creepy, I don't know. But I thought they did a nice job with it. If he's happy with it, I'm happy with it."

Okay, hold on a minute. Did she just subtly call out her son's underwear model poses as "creepy"? You gotta love a mom's honesty!

When asked, "Did you get a warning on those, or did you see the ads when everybody else did?" And Riley's mom replied, "No, I saw the one everybody else did, yes. But I knew he was going to do it. It's all fun. It's all in fun. Yeah."

Isn't it sweet how supportive she is? But wait, it gets even better! The interviewer asked about the pride associated with representing a company, no matter what it is. Riley's mom wholeheartedly agreed and mentioned that she had told her son the same thing.

Then, the interviewer threw in a hilarious curveball, saying, "But I guess when we all think about what our little boys are going to be when they grow up, you would have never guessed. Underwear model."

And Riley's mom, the true star of this show, couldn't help but laugh and playfully replied, "I don't know. Maybe! He originally wanted to be the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. That was the first. And every time when he was small, he had on a Dallas jersey; that was his thing. He was a big Dallas Cowboys fan."

Well, Riley's mom, we have to say, your sense of humor and supportiveness are on point. From quarterback dreams to underwear model reality, it's clear that you're his biggest fan through every twist and turn. Kudos to moms for keeping us grounded and entertained!


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