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Rising Country Crooner Roman Alexander Captures Timeless Love In New "Downtime" Music Video

Sheesh! This song is steamy!

Today country crooner Roman Alexander continues his climb to the top with the sexy new video for the title track off his new EP Downtime!

Continuing on from the storyline of his fun music video for One Tequila, Roman and his love interest are excited for a little R&R together. The lovers are on the run and the Bonnie & Clyde influence is hard to ignore! The cinematic feeling of the video feeds into Roman's retro swag. Complete with a vintage car, the sultry track speaks to the fact that these busy lovers are ready to slow it down and spend some quality time together.

"I wanted to continue the story from One Tequila," Roman told All Country News. "I really wanted that Narcos style and storyline to come across in the videos."

Roman almost didn't hear the song when it was sent to him by his team. "It was sent over with the bunch of other songs, and the first time around I accidentally skipped it. I am thankful my team made me go back and listen. After I heard it, I knew it had to be added to the pile!" Written by the guys of Restless Road, the tale of lovers looking to slowdown fits seamlessly into Alexander's discography.

Roman has an innate talent of taking his songs and making them come to life in a no bs and intentional way. This video matches the sexiness of the song and doesn't rely on bells and whistles. Downtime's simpleness isn't a downfall but a testament to that sometimes less is more, and that the song always wins.


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