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Rising Country Songstress MaRynn Taylor Challenges Her Inner Thoughts In Powerful "In My Head"

It is safe to say that all too often we call prisoner to the thoughts circling in our heads.

Today, rising country songstress flawlessly personifies the highs and lows being landlord to your own mind in the powerful In My Head.

Co-written by Taylor, Kylie Sackley, and Jerry Jacobs, and produced by GRAMMY-winner Josh Kerr, In My Head, reveals a more vulnerable side of the tunesmith. In just a little over three minutes, Taylor captures the intensity of feeling like a tennant in your own mind. Through clever and wistful analogies of what a home shouldn't be, MaRynn's self acceptance anthem speaks volumes.

"Cuz living in my head, there ain't no white picket fence," she sings with engaging conviction. Unafraid to be honest with listeners on the reality of growing up and attempting to put up a happy front while dealing with internal battles, Taylor allows fans to reflect on their own battles.

“As an artist and human being, I want my music to inspire and be relatable,” says MaRynn in a statement. “Growing up with idols like Carrie and Taylor, I could relate to them. It was as if I could feel their heartaches in the music and as if the stories in their songs reflected mine. Today, that’s what I want to give to my fans.”

Approachable and strong, MaRynn's pop country approach on an often taboo topic is perfectly placed. In a genre where all too often, artists shy away from introspective stories and autobiographical moments, Taylor breaks through the noise.


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