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Rising Songstress Anna Rose Shares Her Own Journey In New Album "Last Girl Of The Rodeo"

When words fail, music speaks and sometimes sharing ones own journey through song is more powerful.

Today, rising songstress Anna Rose brings us on a journey in new album Last Girl Of The Rodeo. Produced by Paul Moak, Last Girl of the Rodeo is her most incisive and personal release yet. The eight song project digs into themes of growth, love and self reflection all backed up by Anna's whimsical tone.

Standouts from the project include the perviously released and incredibly vulnerable Already Gone. In the painfully relatable song paints the picture of a girl who refuses to stay in one place. The raw production lead by a soft steady drum and tender guitar aids in the powerfulness of the track. Refusing to stand "in the same place forever," Anna Rose harnesses her own power to move on.

The progressive Whatever Gets You Through The Night blends dreamy beats and a whimsical storyline narrating what seems to be a fever dream of love lost haunting the songstress. Wishing her lover farewell and grappling with the lies, the back handed well wishes are delivered in a unique and standout way.

Anna's unique perspective and finite details come honestly, much of her young life was spent with her father Alan Menken the famous Disney composer. The project is a celebration of her honing in on her skills and not being afraid to speak honestly.

"Making this record was the ultimate exercise in stripping away all the bullshit and simply telling the truth,” shares Rose with All Country News. “I went to Paul, and I said I don't care what the trends are, I don't care that I am a guitar player, I don't care about any title that has ever been put on me, I only want to serve these songs and these stories. I am standing in the blast zone. There is nothing else here. It’s just me.”

Rounding out the project is the stunning honest title track Last Girl of the Rodeo. The autobiographical track chronicles a girl who struggled to find her own way while life whirls around her. The theatrical guitar and thoughtful dream aid in the epiphany Anna has in the final minute of the song, she in facts holds the reigns in her own life.

Creating powerful moments for her listeners seems to be the singer's MO, and we are not complaining. All too often songs lack true meaning and understanding. From first to last note Last Girl of the Rodeo offers new ideas and sounds into the country space.


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