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Rising Songstress Charly Reynolds Claps Back At Her Ex In Sassy New Single "She Ain't Me."

We have all been there, our ex is now parading around town with your look a like.

With a touch of class and plenty of sass, Charly Reynolds is back with her powerful new single "She Ain't Me." The charismatic 23-year-old singer-songwriter born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida, and brings that bright mindset to all of her tracks.

The strong track tells the tale old story of seeing your ex with a downgrade. With clever imagery and the right amount of backtalk, Charly sets herself apart. Between the same jeep and similar blonde hair Charly knows that her lover will ultimately come back. The song oozes with confidence between the twangy elements and booming drums.

"Getting to write with my best friends is truly a something I will never take for granted. It makes the songs we write even more special. I am so excited for this song to finally be out in the world! It is so fun to perform and I hope my listeners enjoy it as much as we do!"

Once again this bright shining star shows that she isn't once to be ignored.


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