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Rising Songstress Ivey Campbell Showcases Her Song Stylings In Latest Single

The Music City native is putting her mark on the country scene.

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At 15 years old, Ivey Campbell is making her way into the Nashville music scene. Using her backyard to her advantage, she is best known for playing some of the biggest writers rounds in town. Most recently Ivey's latest single "Here We Are Again," taps into the risers smart songwriting.

Highlighted by relatable lyrics, Ivey's story strikes a chord. Still stranded in a whirlwind of confusion and heartache, Ivey struggles to grapple with love lost. The riser's evocative lyrics vividly depict the protagonist's emotional turmoil as she confronts the stark reality of her partner's absence, grappling with a haunting question that lingers in her mind: should she give him another chance.

Cause ever since you left me

I’ve been losing sleep it’s killing me

I’m pretending like you’re still mine it’ll be a happy ending 

But I can’t erase the part where you broke my heart and it ended

But here we go again the same old heartbreak

You lose the girl now you’re asking for one more take

Make her believe you won’t make the same old mistake

But I’m done playing this whole game 

If you love her you wouldn’t leave her then come right back in

But here we are again 

"Here We Are Again” is a country heartbreak song with a bit of a rock flair," Ivey told All Country News. It tells the story of a relationship that keeps repeating itself and you keep finding yourself back where you once were. This is the type of song that makes you want to dance because of the catchy melody and cry because of the emotion portrayed in the song. This song is intimate, catchy, and full of heart."

As Ivey's single captivates audiences with its poignant storytelling and emotive melodies, it cements her place as a rising star, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating more raw tales spun from the threads of human emotions.


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