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Robert Bacon Offers Up Fresh Take On The Complexities Of Love In Latest Single

The country riser is crying in his beer over an old flame that has burnt out.

Today, Missouri native Robert Bacon narrates a tale as blue collar as the town he hails from. Full of nostalgic sensibilities and reminiscent of of 90's and 2000's country music, Bacon thrusts listeners into a whirlwind love story that ends up with his old flame taking Gold.

Out Of The Blue is one of those story songs that begs to be played on repeat. With a hidden meaning around every turn, the song also serves as a cautionary tale. All to often we take people or love for granted, the mid tempo track reminds fans to put their best foot forward in love. The spirited track also can take on many different meanings as storytelling much like a painting is in the eye of the beholder.

“Out Of The Blue” is a song about self reflection, real life experience, and the blessings in life. There aren’t many people out there in the world who have been in a relationship and not taken it for granted at some point in their life. The realization of that is real, and deep, and happens more often than we would all like to admit. Typically by the time you have realized that you are messing up a good thing, they have already checked out, moved on, and your chances of making it work are over, or historically low," Robert tells All Country News.

"On the flip side, you may be the lucky person who “Out Of The Blue” meets an amazing significant other, or comes upon a great blessing in life, be it a business deal, a personal friend, or any number of things that happen “Out Of The Blue”. In the end, “Out Of The Blue” really reflects the feelings we were trying to capture when writing it, and also keeps an emotionally deep song fun, and light, and easy to listen to.”

The upbeat track transports fans right into the story, and isn't that what country music is all about! A thoroughly engaging listen, Robert Bacon is a welcomed addition to the country music landscape.


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